Melissa Thorson, artist, sitting at a table in a tea room in Edinburgh, Scotland, drawing in a sketchbook
Melissa Thorson  VISUAL ARTIST

As an artist and maker, I am enchanted with the mystery and magic of the small things we encounter in our daily lives; as an art historian and scholar, I am always searching for the essence of things in their historical roots. These two perspectives meet in the time-honored discipline of drawing:  my artistic practice is grounded in drawing, not just for love of tradition, but because - as artists have recognized for centuries - drawing teaches us to truly see the things around us and touch their inner life.​

In the spirit of childlike wonder, my drawings explore the subtle magic of forgotten corners of everyday life, the secret universes that surround us everywhere, if only we could see.

​My mixed media pieces use cutting, fraying, tracing, gluing, and stitching to relive the daily histories bound up in fabric and other everyday materials; the serendipitous joining of incongruous fragments offers a chance to create new beauty and meaning out of faded experiences, old hurts, treasured recollections, and long-cherished hopes.

photo: Laura Meek